Wednesday, August 15, 2007

kim arrives

We hadn't time for dinner before leaving leaving cherkassy so I grabbed some pepperonni sticks from the local meat counter. They were great, jerry would love them. The only problem is that they kept me up all night and now I am lying in bed with food poisoning. All 3 of us felt sick from them but I got it the worst.

our intent was to take the bus to cherkassy but our cab driver gave us a good deal. I figured we'd need a taxi from the bus stop anyway once we arrived in kiev. When we reached city limits the driver admitted he had no idea how to navigate kiev so he dropped us of at the bus stop anyway. No discount. He reasoned that he was honest enough to return our cell phone (once we inquired) after it fell out in the back seat from earlier in the day!

We made it to the hospital in time to see Vosya. He is doing great. He seems to be putting on a little wieght, he is talking to everyone now, and he has color in his face. Cindy bought him a toy snake and now he is terrorizing his wing at the hospital. He speaks a few words in english now but there is still a major language barrier.

I managed to make it out of bed this morning for a meeting at the hospital. It was a great meeting. The doctor says that most, if not all of their original fears have vanished. He is on antibacterial treatment and completes that on sunday. He also has one last test on monday. On tuesday he can travel back to his comrades at the orphanage. His prognosis is good. He will require more antibacterial treatments in the u.s. But the great news is that his kidney is relatively healthy. He won't require the transplant like once feared.

We still have plenty of investigating to do regarding vosya's siblings. We will not be able to pursue adopting either of them this trip but will seriously consider doing this next summer. Hopefully the logistics aren't complicated.

Did we mention his full name is: Vosya John Iseel. This is the third john in our extended family now (named after our grandfather)

I went back to the apt after the meeting and cindy went to the airport to pick up kim. It was very pleasurable for me when I arrived at the apt without the keys. They were in cindy's purse. It was a rough 2 hours sitting on a park bench while they struggled through traffic to get back.

Kim is doing good. She slept the entire flight so maybe she'll have a better time adjusting. They went back to see the troublemaker.

I am still in bed recouperating and looking forward top when I can eat more of the delicious deli meats (just kidding, it may be perogies only from here on in).

We are planning a side trip to Lviv starting tommorow or friday for 2 days. This is where my grandmother is from. It is on the west side of ukraine and will be a 10 hour train ride.

That's it.


Alissa said...

Yay!!! Thats so exciting that Vos's prognosis is good. As for you guys and your mystery meat stick...... you might want to stay close to the hospital...

So do you get to meet Vos's siblings on this trip?

Sean Kelley said...

Hah! Greg ate a wierd meat on a stick in Beijing. We all said you are nuts. Guess what? He was sick as a dog for three days. People, no meatsticks east of Greenwich Mean Time.

Greg said...

Agree to agree.

Marla said...

I like polish meat sticks

Zenon and Cindy said...

Marla must be drunk blogging again!

Randy said...

Hi Zen & cindy:
We are all praying and anticipating each day to you how things are going.
I was not surprised to see that the authorities where not concerned about Vos being separated from his brothers. The same thing nearly happened to my sister and myself. But our mom (adopted) when she knew we are twins adopted the both of us.
Love and Kisses, Lise