Thursday, August 9, 2007


Last night I was awakened by the horrible sound of cats fighting in the courtyard. It went on for about 10 minutes. It was tough to get sleep after that.

We set the washer before bed last night but it never took. Maybe it had something to do with there being no hot water? We couldn't get anymore days out of those clothes so a priority was a new shirt on the way to the hospital. After our cold showers we left and stopped at a store on the way. My designer shirts cost me 30 bucks for 2. I can't believe the deals in ukraine ;-).

A little progress at the hospital. The big results should be final tommorow and we can understand everything. So in a nutshell we should have something then.

After an impromptu appt with the sda (ukr adoption authorities) in which we learned little more, we proceeded downtown to meet with Kent(from san diego who came into town since he was in the area).

We had a good dinner, both ordering steak which we havn't had in weeks. It was great to see Kent and his brother and talk english. We went out for a few drinks afterwards with Kent to the new Hyatt with a view of the city. Again, a nice break from things.

All in all our attitude is really positive. We enjoy the comments to our posts. Thanks for all the support.

Maybe we'll have to being back hot dog doughnuts for alissa and marla.



John said...

Zenon and Cindy

We have just returned home to Canada after a month in Europe... great to hear about your adventures in Ukraine.

We wish you all the best in the days ahead. You are doing all the right things... hang in there!

Love and prayers,
Irene and John Podgorski

Erik said...

Great to hear all of the news. I felt a special pride knowing that I got honorable mention pertaining to the sausage plate. I believe the sausage stuffed into a donut is a Kolachi. Very very popular amongst my Houstonian comrads. If you need any questions answered on the insurance, I'd be happy to look into them for you(what's covered and what's not). I love the discussions that start with "I have this friend .....". Also you may want to look into the California Famaily Medical Leave program when you get back.

When the destination is not clear, focus on the journey.

Best Wishes,
Erik, Andrea, Alexis & Merideth

PS: Go Texans!