Wednesday, August 8, 2007


9 p.m.
We are sitting in a muggy room waiting for the boy to fall asleep. The nurse went out to visit relatives and will be back at 7:30 p.m. ;-)

There is a mall 15 minutes away. Today, We needed a t-shirt for me since my clothes are in danger of 3 days in a row. We could,t find 1 shirt that didn't have a california surf imprint on it out of 40 stores. Figure that 1 out. We did find a toy train though. Unfortunately after seeing every puddle in sight (he loves puddles) it no longer operates properly.

No real progress today but tommorow is all lined up. We expect news then.

Kent from san diego emailed and will be in late tonight. Maybe we will meet up for dinner tommorow if we have time.

Now to figure out how to get home safely in the dark.


Rach N' Lee said...

Hi Guys...its Lee.

I have been reading up on your adventure, and its great to hear you are staying strong. We are all thinking of you. My family wanted me to tell you that they have been reading you comments everyday and look forward to it. They just got internet at the cottage and are still trying to figure out how to write you a comment. They said they are all thinking of you as well. Those hotdog doughnuts sounded good. Take care. Miss you guys.

Brian & Amy said...

Zenon & Cindy

It has been great to read all about your adventures in the Ukraine. It all sounds so facinating and like we are there with you. Amy and I both look forward to it everyday at work. We wish you all of the luck in the world with your future dealings, and hope that it all becomes final soon.

All the best


Marla said...

yum! You know the reason I never like Doughnuts is because they don't fill me up. It would be PERFECT if I could have one with a hot dog in the middle. I think the nurses at my hospital would probably fight over these!

Lasha said...

Love you guys.

joanne said...

Hi Zen, Cindy. What an adventure. The Sweet Hot Dogs sound yummy, the bus system seems to be lacking.Thinking about you every day, wishing you the best. Aunt Joanne.

Greg said...

WTF is KENT doing in the ukraine!