Thursday, August 30, 2007

birth certificate

Not since our first week in this country have I been this tired. We were up at 4:30 preparing to travel to update Vos' birth certificate in a town 3 hrs away. We are in the cab and cindy is sleeping while Lena and the cab driver are engaged in non-stop communicato. I am sure they will be for the whole ride.

Lena arrived yesterday and soon after began the arrangement of all the details. We should have the b.c. Updated in a few minutes after which we submit for both a ukr soc sec # and ukr passport back in cherkassy. We also pick up vos from the orphanage today. He is excited to leave and we are excited that the day is finally here when we officially become parents. We have been planning on today being the day for a while. Yesterday Lena said we'd have to wait till monday. Cindy flat out said no way. Lena knew she meant business and negotiated him leaving with us today.

We had a side trip for Vos' photos yesterday. He was well behaved. when we returned to the orphanage he became upset and confused as to why he had to go back. 1 more day we told him (the reason for cindy's stance)

The weather has cooled considerably and has been raining. It is a welcome change. The contrast has been from about 110 degrees to about 60 yesterday. Amazing. It is like fall here all of the sudden. I like fall.

We went for azerbijan food yesterday, a recommendation from Daria. Finally some non ukrainian food in cherkassy. I think we may go back every day untill we leave. We also found a coffe stand in a local supermarket that sells espresso drinks to go. This too will be a daily stop.

Football starts in a week. I am very excited about this. I am hopefull that Vos' disinterest in sports right now is only a phase he's going through. I could use a partner to help pursuade Cindy that football is important on sundays.

We hope to post more photos soon, especially brian maul's twin brother.

Lastly, it was Anna-Lisa's birthday on tuesday. We called but the number has changed because you moved. So, a belated happy birthday to A.L..



Babi/Dodo said...

Okay, what does Azerbijan food consist of, and was it good? I am so looking forward to hearing how your first day/night went with Vos. You will finally get the true meaning of parenthood! All the best. Talk to you Sat. Love, Mom and Dad

Zenon and Cindy said...

Azerbijan was pork meat shiskabob style and a plate of rice and chicken with raisins, figs, etc.
Back to the basics.

We are at the orphanage now. It is 1:30 and we have completed the majority of the paperwork today. Will let you know how the rest of the day, our first together, turns out.