Friday, August 3, 2007

back to Kiev

I still havn't decided which is worse for for a person's well being:
Could it be driving 60 down a 2 lane highway passing a trnsport trailer into oncoming traffic with no setbelts and a child in your lap
Attempting to use a "restroom" at a truckstop when there is nothing more than a hole in the ground covered by a ramshackle hut and it is overflowing.

Yesterday was a write off. We finally got in some good sleep and got up at 9:30 to the ringing of the telephone. It was the doctor. She said the documents we scanned to her were inconclusive and we need far more info. So we called the orphanage (which is across the street from our rental - a 9th story apt) to meet with the director who was scheduled to be in at 1.

When we arrived at 1 we were told that she would not be in today but we could meet with the head nurse at 4. We did meet with her at 4. She agreed that their evaluations to date were not the best and that more was needed. We are lucky to have the best cordinator and translator working with us. They were able to arrange for us to go back to Kiev for further tests.

It was reassuring when Daria called at midnight to tell us that the hospital we would be visiting was state of the art. we are here now in Kiev. We lest Cherkassy at 6 a.m. And arrived here at 11. A 2 hour drive exasberrated by many stops and the worst traffic and exhaust (without air conditioning one could be in).

Waiting is the name of the game now. The hospital was great- very soviet era building. Before any test you must "negotiate" with the doctor. Negotiate is a kind term. Basically our translator tells us how much to put in an evelope and that is it. Better system than back home. The last test, an ultrasound was 50 greivena (10 bucks). A Ukranian Neurologist cost us only 10 bucks. I like these prices! When the ultrasound tech was unable to give us info, they did not charge us. Riduculas! Most everyone here is helpfull and looking out for the kid's best interests which is reassuring.

We just got results that we need to go have several days of tests next week. So we will spend time with the little guy over the weekend. He is really starting to open up.


Rach N' Lee said...

Sounds like you guys are on one big adventure...exciting and nerve-racking I'm sure. So does the little boy stay with you in kiev for the next week while tests are being done? What is his name...I want to pray for him:)

Greg said...

He said it...

"Little guy"

Greg said...

malinky opudalo in ukrainian