Sunday, August 5, 2007

back again

It is 5:15 a.m. And we have been in the car for a half hour now. 5 hours last night but it was sleepless. The little guy hasn't been sick yet this this time. In fact it is the opposite, he is bored and constantly moving around (which is easy without a seatbelt. The driver laughed at me when I pulled mine out from behind the seat only to find the receptacle missing in this brand new car).

The borsch Lena made last night was excellent but my campanions in the car may wish she used less cabbage.

My priority apart from the abvious is to oblige cliff today.

We will be in kiev for a few say at least and if longer we may even meet up with Kent who called 2 days ago.



Greg said...

Kent is in The Ukraine?

Zenon and Cindy said...

He will be.

Greg said...

Just felt like going to the other side of the globe for lunch?