Wednesday, August 1, 2007

aug 1st

today was a long day. The dumpligs that Lena just made were great (they were really just perogies filled with mushrooms). The left overs would not fit in the fridge because of all the other jars of beets and pickles. I will complain to the four seasons mgmt tommorow. Cindy loves ukrainian food like you wouldn't believe!

In all seriousness, today was a day that is tough to sum up with one word. Our 3 hour drive ended at the steps of a throw back ussr gvmt building and a meeting with a man who works in the largest soviet style office you could imagine. He asked a few questions and signed permission for us to proceed after saying we are brothers of the same profession (?? Maybe he engineers on the side?)

We drove from there to the orphanage which was similar to what you'd expect. Old brick buildings with old institutional style interiors. Our meeting was informative. The child we are visiting has some real things we need to check out. We spent plenty of time watching the interactions. It is tough to get into it too much. In a nutshell, we are hoping he prognosis is good.

wish us luck. We spent 4 hours today with dial up speed net access sending the info to our doctor in the u.s.. They will be calling at 9 a.m. Our time with the evaluation.

Sleep sounds good right now. Thanks for all the support.

Greg, you bring up some good points and questions. It seems like real dissappointing times here in ukr. The people really want more from their govmt and are disheartened with all the corruption that is still happenning. It happens at all levels apparently. ...but at least it is safe. Children playing in the streets, people walking everywhere. One thing that is really surprising is how expensive and comparable some things are. Most everyone is wearing nice clothes. Nice cars everywhere. I was expecting poor people. ...maybe some really are but definately not in the cities.

Budlaska. Please in ukr(one of my favorite new words).
Pyvo. Beer (Still my favorite old word).


Rach N' Lee said...

Wow Guys! Looking forward to hearing what the doctors're in our thoughts!

Marla said...

We are thinking of you all the time and sending good thoughts to the Ukraine for you and your future child! Hope things go well with the doctors. We can't wait to hear what happens next. Thanks for keeping the updates coming!

Chris & Eric said...

Great to see that you are brushing up on your Ukrainian although pyvo doesn't really count!
I am sure that you are both experiencing so many emotions but the outcome will be so worth everything that you are going through.
Love you guys!