Saturday, August 25, 2007

5 and 1/2 to go

Days that is.
We can wisk Vosya away and he won't ever have to see the orphanage again. He is not back with his normal group yet. This will happen tommorow. Our guess is that he is very much oppossed to that idea. He will not stray too far from his current location which is the medical wing. I think he likes all the attention there.

He likes being spun around like superman and placed on the ground dizzy. The jungle gym is also a place where he gets his kicks. Today we smuggled in a frozen juice for him. He loved the contrban as it was melting. I believe he had his first brain freeze. If the caretakers had have found that we may have been in big trouble. Today was a good day to build on.

We went the direction of the river at lunch today. We saw the beach at the river and had a nap there. Today is the day after independance day and there was many people at the beach. It kindof reminded me of a scene from my childhood. Many older ukrainian types. Plenty of open fields near the water and no formal parking. Just a few cars scattered around with dirt tire tracks amongst the grass. I had a nap while cindy people watched.

It was hot.

On our way back we stopped at a hotel in search of air conditioning. We found a restaurant in the hotel dnipro(may not correct name). Excellent borsch. $6 with tip for cold beers, fries, and the soup. We'll be back there. English menu too which is worth it alone.

Now we are back at the apt and have cooled off. More of the same at night: reading, dinner, and terrible internet access from the mobile phone.

By the way Allisa, no to all your questions.



Marla said...

We can't wait for your return. Thanks for all the updates! We hope you got the package we sent- a little nervous about you getting it . . .tell Vos Drew can't wait to learn some Ukranian words to confuse me with :-)

Greg said...


Im happy.

Chris said...

Sounds like a great day! Please FedEx overnight some of that Borsch!

Joanne said...

Contraband in a contraband country is really contraband. Zen, you have not lost your childish wish for a little adventure. Just don't get caught, you might get grounded. LAST WEEK, yay, and hooray.