Thursday, August 16, 2007

2nd class

The stomach problems still persist but sean tells me I only have 1 more day to go.

We didn't do much on thursday. We left the apt at noon after cindy and kim took their sweet time doing nothing. Outside there was evidence from the storm the night before. Mud and debris everywhere. There were workers shoveling it from the sidewalks to the streets. We went straight to the hospital to see vosya.

He was in a good mood and happy to see us. We went for a walk to get him some juice and that is when he started his misbehaving. It is tough for us all because we don't have opportunities to spend much time with him. That should all change next week when we all go back to cherkassy. He had a 45 minute tantrum suring which cindy applied the all important time out. The language barrier doesn't help anything either. Hopefully we get those ironed out before the plane ride home ;-)

We went from there to the train station to get tickets. 2nd class was the only thing availible for the way to lviv. Leana asked if we still wanted to go. Of course, how bad could it really be. Well we should have got an idea of what was to come when leana backed out of the trip last minute citing a friend who just came into town.

Leana made sure we got on the train o.k.. We had 2 beds in one car and 1 in another. Leana managed to talk a man into switching beds so we could all be together after much hastle from the stewards.
First impressions are lasting and mine was of the pot bellied old man with his shirt off eating kolbassa as we took our places. The train has seats that fold into beds and bunk beds on top. I wasn't suprised to find the beds about 5 feet in length. I was happy when the neighbors opened the sour crout which combated the b.o and sausage smell. There was also a fine line we were walking between opening the door for cold air since we were sweating and the stink from the wc that accompanied the cold air. I just know that this experience will help us appreciate 1st class on the way back.

We walked around lviv this morning and had something to wat. It is really beautiful and just like what I picture a perfect european town to be like. Cafes everywhere, churches, and many different people walking about.

We are meeting with daria's contact, victor, who will be giving us a tour of lviv starting at 2. I ate a little this morning. Including more doughnuts but this time stuffed with sour crout. I am paying the price but I needed a warm up for the food this evening. Apparently we can look forward to great georgian food which I am told is a cross between persian and indian. Wish us luck.


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Babi/Dodo said...

Lviv has a river running underneath it, so I've been told.
Architecturally, it's definitely a beautiful city. The cemetaries are very interesting, lots of statues, each telling a story. Hope your dinner was good. Definitely return first class, the smells might be better! Love your stories! Love Mom& Dad