Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It is 9:15 p.m., Cindy is manifesting Zzzz's (a must read: everything is illuminated by Jonathan Safron Foer). We leave tommorow morning and must wake up at 4. Lena will be picking us up by cab and we travel 2 hours south to Cherkassy. I think I am starting to talk like a ukrainian. Still fighting the smalling like one part though.

We meet with the boy tommorow around 9 and have a chance to interact. Things are realy pointing positive from what we are hearing. Sometimes the prognosis is overblown. ...but also his condition may be very treatable as well if correct. All signs point to the orphanage and professionals involved as being excellent. The region is apparently a favorable one to adopt from as well. First things first, we look forward to interacting with him.

Also thanks to Daria for the call today. She has been invaluable with her information and helping us prepare.

Today was another interesting day. We are learning. We set out at 9 in search of coffee and something to occupy our time. The translator was to touch base by 9:30 with plans of meeting up in Kiev. She called at 10:30 and said let's meet at 2.

We went to the downtown and mingled with the street vendors. They are nice people and like foreigners. We found the beergarten for a refrsher at 1:30 near where we were to meet Lena. We called to confirm. She said she was running late and would see us at 3 (see a theme here?). She arrived at 4:30.

We obtained our paperwork and went for a short walk. 5 miles later we found the bus home. Kiev has plenty of sidewalks for walking.

We stopped at the supermarket for dinner. I asked for a half chicken and was given a whole chicken. At least I got chicken. Dinner tonight wasn"t as good as last night's perogies, potatoe pankakes with fat and sourcream, and pyvo.

Kiev is my favorite european city.


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Alissa said...

Hi Guys! Thank you so much for posting each day! I am checking your blog like a stalker. We hope your meeting with the little boy goes great! Wishing you love and luck!!