Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting Started

The trip is 1 month away. We just finished moving and have a house full of boxes. Between moving, work, and what seems like endless odds and ends we have been trying to understand how to plan for our trip.

We bought our tickets and fly out on July 27th. Our appointment is in Kiev on July30th at which time we will be shown approx 3 different children (or sibling pairs) from different regions and asked to choose 1 to visit with. Our paperwork was finalized with the hopes of adopting 2 children, either sex, with hopes of them being as young as possible. We have been told that the minimum age will be 14 months but that we should be open to older children.

From the Kiev appt We will have to review the children's respective medical histories and send these back to a U.S. doctor whom we have hired to help us make an informed decision (she is from Kiev and has practiced in both Ukraine and now in U.S.). Our decision will have to be swift, within 1 day I am told. From there we will travel to the region where the child is located and meet with the child. At this point the key is to guage how the child interacts with others, with us, with animals, and to see if the child shows any visible signs of medical issues. We will take pictures and send these back to the U.S. doctor, along with any additional medical information, and receive her prognosis back within 6 hours. It is at this point that we hopefully move forward with the adoption!

Stepping back, when we land in Kiev we have arranged a service to help us bypass customs and immigration, a nightmare we are told. After this point we will be greeted by our prearranged translator and a driver who will be with us during our entire trip, hopefully as short as 4 weeks but possibly as long as 7 weeks.

I am told that Kiev is a beautiful city with plenty of culture and good food. We are looking forward to spending some of our waiting time here, but surely the majority of the time will be in the orphanage region where our child/children are living. We can only hope that this region is a stimulating one as well.

Wish us luck and feel free to send us an email, we will have access the entire trip I believe.

-Zenon and Cindy

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